Do I have an eating disorder?

Common Symptoms
If you answer “yes” to 3 of more, please call for an eating disorder assessment.

  Do I have an intense fear of becoming fat?

  Do I constantly think about weight or feeling fat?

  Do I spend excessive time thinking about food and   critiquing food choices?

  Does my weight determine my self-worth?

  Do I find extreme pleasure in times of eating alone?

  Do I regularly eat when not physically hungry (emotional eating)?

  Do I feel extreme guilt or shame after eating?

  Do I label food as “good foods” and “bad foods?”

  Do I eat large amounts of food in a short period of time (less than 2 hours)?

  Do I feel out of control when I’m eating?

  Do I feel satisfaction and in control due to restricting my food intake?

  Do I have to know calories, carbs, or fat grams in the majority of food I consume?

  Do I feel self-conscience or embarrassed about eating in front of others?

  Do I often sneak food?

  Do I find myself lying about my eating habits to others?

  Do I exercise for the purpose of getting rid of calories consumed?

  Do I think I am fat when others think I do not need to lose weight?

  Do I skip meals as a way to lose or control weight?

  Have a tried self-induced vomiting?

  Have I used laxatives and/or diuretics as a means of getting rid of calories?

  Do I feel controlled by food?

  Do I have long gaps between eating to the point I feel extreme physical hunger?

  Do I eat in a certain pattern (ritual)?

  Do I feel guilty about eating?

  Do I feel a “high” for restricting my food intake?