Binge Eating Disorder: Warning Signs, Physical Consequences, and Risk Factors


Compulsive eaters and overweight binge eaters also experience uncontrolled eating, sometimes kept secret. Both groups often experience depression and/or other psychological problems.


Danger Signals:

1. Episodes of binge eating

2. Eating when not physically hungry

3. Frequent dieting

4. Feeling unable to stop eating voluntarily

5. Awareness that eating patterns are abnormal

6. Weight fluctuations

7. Depressed mood

8. Social and professional successes and failures attributed to weight gain or loss


If you or a loved one have these warning signs it is important to seek the help of a trusted to professional for help in getting treatment. If left untreated, binge eating and over eating can have serious physical consequences.


Physical Complications:

1. Weight related hypertension and/or fatigue

2. Nausea

3. Weight gain

4. Increase in risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer (for obese individuals only)